Three time periods, three counties, two countries and two films that move on the lives of two women - or would that be six?

A story within a story within a story - each in a different time period, moving on the next strand.

What can a secret mermaid, Belgian beguines, Jane Eyre and a modern East Anglian vicar have in common?

A young woman faces a secret and realisation which changes the course of her destiny in this life and the next.

The inner story is a subverted retelling of Jane Eyre, transposed to the Fens - but Rochester fans, beware!

It draws on the Bronte's juvenile worlds for the final story about a Flemish friendship of opposites which makes

all three protagonists go up a tier in the spiral -

or fall into it.

It's about the power of cinema and story to hold up a mirror to what we will not see.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll crush your knees together.

It's a finished novel, screen and stage play. There is a sequel to complete the journey.

The protagonist isn't me, it's playing with layers and selves, building a intimate relationship with the reader; nor is it autobiographical.

It's also funny - often, if not wicked! It's challenging, emotionally intense but always very, very honest

A little shocking even? Well, maybe I'd like you to be a little shocked. It's what the world needs ;)

Read the story before the story here: And why I self published here:

Below: a naughty faced author for a sometimes naughty story: me reading at Cambridge Sheep Shop  in Feb 2016 (right)

and at the launch of Pride without Prejudice, Norwich in July 2016